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If this ring was real and my boyfriend proposed to me with this, I think I would have a massive heart attach. lol While it is a very beautiful ring, the size of the aquamarine gemstone makes it all too obvious that it's not real. Unless he robbed a bank, I can't see how he'd be able to afford it. Besides, it would be really hard to wear an expensive ring like this, knowing that we were living on skid row just to pay for it! lol I'm sure there's a lot of opinion out there on the matter. What would you do if your boyfriend got you a rock like this?
Fake Fake Fake. But you already knew that @daniaChicago. You know I posted a card on here about stunning very real aquamarine that you may like. Do you have your ring yet?
Maybe. I like it more for the color. It'd be fun to have my bridesmaids wear to the rehearsal dinner or something like that.
I'm sure you could get a ring like this that was real and not too terribly expensive.