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The most common piece of writing advice that I have given, and I have seen online, is to "write more!" or "Write more to get better!" or even "Write more to get over your writing problems." Just like this piece of advice from Stephen King: you must read a lot and write a lot to be a better writer! As much as I believe that mantra, I know that it really can be annoying advice. Why? Because it doesn't work for everyone. And I would be foolish to believe that it does. If you’re not fully committed to becoming a better writer, “writing more” isn’t going to help you. You have to write more with a purpose, or, write less and learn more. What should you do with your passion to write well with? - Read more! Reading can inspire you. - Write something very specific, and only that. Restrict yourself to a prompt or style, and see if you can get through that in a period of time. - Ask friends to give you feedback on your writing. Be ready to receive it, and use it to write your next piece of writing a little better. - Read writing books! Some people hate these, but they can be helpful. Look at writing guides, lists of commonly made mistakes, lists of cliches to avoid, etc. etc. By doing so, you'll be more aware of the act of writing, and what should go into it, the next time you sit down to write. What advice do you have for writers to write better other than write more? Share in the comments!
@timeturnerjones Well, it's good that you've learned what works for you and what doesn't work. That's the most important part!
@hikaymm Goals that are small and actually achievable are the way to get things done!
@greggr Thanks! I'm always up to try something else, though.
Writing more might not work for everyone, but it does work for me!!! I think when I write, though, I usually have some of those small goals in mind since I've spent a lot of time learning about writing.
You're right! Personally, I'm still not much of a writer, but when people tell me to write more I just want to say "screw you!" because sometimes you simply can't, or you just write the same crap over and over again. I do better when I have a small writing goal that makes me write focused: such as, improve your use of commas! Or, stop using so much horrible adjectives!