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Rustic cathedral-style furniture and accessories make for dynamic wedding reception décor that is effortlessly stylish and rich with beauty. The brightness of the roses and carnations in vivid shades that dance between maroon and hot pink seem to nod toward the glamorous. Toning down the effervescence, however, is the great use of white candles, lace shawls, and wrought iron detailing. If you are planning a destination wedding that seeks to highlight the region through décor, I would love to hear from you.
I am in love with the lace and how those chairs are tied back with the lace shawls. Great idea I would like to incorporate with my own wedding. @marshalledgar
Years ago Atlantis was The Crystal Palace! Way back in the day. Atlantis is a great hotel for a destination wedding in the Bahamas. I wonder, how it looks since the 2013 renovation. I haven't been since 2011. @marshalledgar
Oh, yeah! That's right, you have your lace collection. Next time I come across something I think you would like I will tag you. (Don't worry, i won't go crazy.) @DaniaChicago What other ideas are doing for your wedding?
I've been invited to a wedding that is taking place in the Bahamas. Has anyone else been to Nassau for a wedding? It's at Atlantis. Who else has been before?
thx @marshalledgar I appreciate that