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After the success of Flower Boy Ramen Shop and Flower Boy Band, here comes another installment!! What makes it more special is the cast!! Finally Park Shin Hye is doing another work,, and her upcoming partner would be the flower boy-Lee Jun Ki look alike, Yoon Shi Yoon.. As written in TvN's website, this upcoming drama is projected to on-air early next year!! Can't wait~~
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haha..i love that jenny..yes..joong ki is ours!! :P you're still in line monica
5 years ago·Reply
hahahahha okok.. at least we're sharing lol
5 years ago·Reply
we've made him a cake!!
5 years ago·Reply
and the biggest portion of that cake is mine. :D hahahaha
5 years ago·Reply
i'll have the cherry!!
5 years ago·Reply