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Julianna Moore probably still gets carded when buying alcohol. This 54 year old has aged so gracefully that I can only hope to look half as good as she does when I reach that point in life! So what's her secret? Turns out, pretty much anyone can do it: “Sunscreen every day, whatever I can get in a drugstore,” Moore told Health. “I use a face oil, doesn’t matter what kind. First I put the face oil on, then I put the sunscreen on, and I don’t go into the sun. And honestly, that’s really it.” First, let’s take a minute to appreciate that she buys her skin care products at the drugstore! As if you haven;t heard it enough, spending time in the sun is a surefire way to bring on the signs of premature aging. But since you can’t avoid the sun completely, protect yourself with SPF everyday! It may just be the easiest celeb beauty secret you’ve ever heard.
It's all about moisturizing :)
Oh god she sounds like my mom! I was never allowed outside when I was little without sunscreen haha
I need to use more sunscreen. I think I just let myself get lazy because my skin doesn't burn.
Not only does have a flawless skin. her hair is always flawless. Look at all those shiny strands!
She's gorgeous, I love that her trick is so simple haha
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