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Hey everyone! Okay so i need serious help on decision making! My prom is Gatsby theme and I bought the gray/black dress for only $20 and I love it, but I feel like it's not enough? If that's the right word. And I found the middle dress and fell in love with it! So I need everyone's opinions, what does everyone think? Should I buy it or is my dress okay? Please be honest!
yea like @stargaze said the grey black one is beautiful but the red one stands out more bc of the flapper feel :)
Honestly, I like how classy the grey/black dress looks, but the red dress reminds me more of the flappers. So, red dress!
@twiggythedino14 @stargaze @onewoppa @satish87 @Mich97 @DaniaChicago @Rei8160 @coolcourtney @EricaAshley @AmiriJamison @AshleyMcCloud @marshalledgar @EdithMP Thanks for the help everyone! I looked agaun tho and it only comes in XS gasps I havent been an XS since 9th grade hahah but I am going to find a dress along this line and will post when I actually have it (:
good for you! :) you'll look fabulous ;) have a good night!
if the red dress would of been green it would be perfect for the whole Gatsby theme. but the red dress stands out more
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