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Conflicted!!! Help!
Hey everyone! Okay so i need serious help on decision making! My prom is Gatsby theme and I bought the gray/black dress for only $20 and I love it, but I feel like it's not enough? If that's the right word. And I found the middle dress and fell in love with it! So I need everyone's opinions, what does everyone think? Should I buy it or is my dress okay? Please be honest!
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the red is gorgeous and goes more with the Gatsby theme the other one is very pretty though
if the red dress would of been green it would be perfect for the whole Gatsby theme. but the red dress stands out more
@twiggythedino14 @stargaze @onewoppa @satish87 @Mich97 @DaniaChicago @Rei8160 @coolcourtney @EricaAshley @AmiriJamison @AshleyMcCloud @marshalledgar @EdithMP Thanks for the help everyone! I looked agaun tho and it only comes in XS gasps I havent been an XS since 9th grade hahah but I am going to find a dress along this line and will post when I actually have it (: