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I normally don't use two tone eye shadows, but the gold and blue color really compliments each other. Especially if you have blue eyes, it'll make your eye color pop! What you need: Shadow - gold, brown, metallic blue, white and matte white Jet black liner Blending and lining brush [STEPS] 1. Put on primer and a pat on a metallic gold shadow all over the lid. 2. Dab a brown color and blend near the corner of the lids. 3. Outline the upper lid with a jet black liner. 4. Slightly blend out the liner to give it more natural look. 5. Apply a metallic blue shadow under the eye (near the liner). 6. Using a eyeliner pencil, outline the bottom liner. 7. Dab white shadow at the inner corner of the eyes to brighten your eyes. 8. Finish off with a matte white shadow under your brows (to polish your brows).
@mikayla @galinda @danidee You guys should try this mascara for this look! It's so unbelievable :)
Yeah, I agree with @mikayla. I love the blue!
I always go with gold eyeshadow but I've never tried a color on the bottom!
The metallic blue really makes those blue eyes pop! Love it!
Gorgeous! I would never thought of mixing and matching gold and blue for eye makeup.