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hehehe..... neaa have you read this... SJK wants someone who is like a noona! hehehe I think you have an advantage over Jenny, right? LOL :)
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;) ;D
5 years ago·Reply
yo... but i'm not his noona... i'm younger...damn.... but if he compares me ..reyam and jenny ... yeyy!!
5 years ago·Reply
@neaa eh i can‘t be a noona to him but he will love me,,cause always people love what they never though about it,,,he say he loves noona like but when he will see me he will fell in love from first sight kkk
5 years ago·Reply
it's me reyam..accept it!!
5 years ago·Reply
@ejna, why did you betray me T^T hahaha common cheer me with joong ki. xD don't go over neaa's side. hahaha
5 years ago·Reply