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Oh. My. God. I already knew that I thought Thranduil is a total bitch (sorry, it's true) but this MV just brought that to life for me. Him + this song = hilarity!!! On a side note, though, check out those costumes. I browsed this channel (Thranduart) and it seems like this cosplayer hadn't done a Thranduil video other than this, so I'm so psyched they did this one. The description given for the mv is more than I could ever write, so here you go: "SASS, CLASS, AND WINE. Join the most fabulous Elven King in a journey of epic proportions - from a stomp down the runway, to facing off with dwarves, to hitting the club, no matter where he goes he makes his presence known."
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We have finally found where Thranduil belongs. Rejoice!
@amog32 Right!!! I can't believe it wasn't more obvious sooner XD
OH. MY. GOD. Thranduil will never be taken seriously in my eyes. Ever again. Nope.
My real question is how did he make that crown?
@somina I don't know lol I'll look for a tutorial!