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Remember that pull-back bang look in the early 2000s? Here's a more polish and elegant way to rock the half-up hair. Tips: You can start off with your natural texture or you can curl. 1. Make sure your hair is detangled. 2. Take some hair from the crown and tease it to create volume. 3. Carefully twist back and pin the crown of your hair. 4. Using hair from the opposite side of the first twist, section the remaining amount of hair above your ear. 5. Smooth and pull across 6. Gently twist to and pin just below the top section. 7. Repeat for the other side and smooth across the last twist. 8. Twist and pin the final section from underneath.
This is so much prettier than my normal half up-do. I am going to try this for my Friday work hairdo :)
This would be cute simple hairdo for a wedding or special occasion.
I need to get more bobby pins lol
I think I can actually do this one hahaha
For some reason this gives me a 60s vibe, love it!