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Most of us have played at least a round of Never Have I ever, but in this little clip from Ellen, we get to learn some revealing facts about a few of our favorite celebs!! These guys were on Ellen promoting their new movie (Mortdecai) and they reveled some funny moments. I lost it when they all admitted they'd joined the Mile High Club, lol, too funny! Though I image that'd be pretty easy when you have your own jet :)
I loved when Johnny reluctantly admitted to getting arrested.
@christinaBryce I seriously know how you feel.. Sadly...
@nielswife He is so, so attractive still. My uncle is always mad when I say that since they're the same age and I don't say the same about him!
We all knew it was coming common.. Can we just comment about how good looking Johnny depp is for his age.. I mean common, who can hate on that face
@danidee I mean we ALL knew it anyways lol