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You all know I'm a big on blush, cream, and neutral tones. Yesterday I posted up a valentine outfit with those colors as inspiration. ( I thought this manicure design would go well with that outfit. Supplies: A pinkish nude polish and a slightly darker pink. A few strips of tape Silver glitter pieces Start by painting your nails with a base coat, then apply the pinkish nude polish over it. To paint the quilt, apply striping tape in a criss-cross pattern on each nail. Then paint a slightly darker polish over the entire nail and remove the tape right after. The fun part: place silver glitter pieces where the lines cross and apply top coat on the finish product!
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These are adorable!
oh my this is really pretty! i better try this in the spring :)
@madeleine yea it would go sooo well with chanel pink quilted bag!
It's so cute nail art.