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Blizzard warning have been issued for an area covering over 540 miles, from coastal New Jersey all the way up to Maine, and I am NOT looking forward to whats beginning to hit. They're expecting over 4 inches per hour, winds in the tropical storm or hurricane force conditions, and all the whiteout conditions that will come with that in NYC. And if that's going to happen in the city, I can't imagine what I'm going to be facing out where I am (in the strike zone, I'm afraid). If we end up with 3ft+ like is being predicted, it's going to be a long week. The storm may prompt the virtual shutdown of large portions of New Jersey, New York, Massachusetts, Connecticut and Rhode Island between Monday night and Tuesday night, so get yourselves ready! Anyone else in the strike zone of this massive storm? I already know I'm going to be sitting at home doing a lot of writing and reading early this school for me!
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@danidee I hope they made it in!
@greggr I think they did. She sent me a lot of pictures of her house. The bushes on her front yard are nearly buried!
You made it out alright then? @greggr
Weather once again has been dramatized....
@yakwithalan @drwhat Yes it has! I'm just fine. Thanks for the worry.