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DIY Conversational Macaraons
Okay, skip the talking for these adorable macarons that'll melt your date! ;) This tutorial is mainly decorating the macarons. So, if you need a macaron recipe here's a fool-proof macaron recipe posted by @sophiamor -- http://www.vingle.net/posts/466189. After you got down the basics you can basically use a tube to draw the heart shape shells. What you need for decorating: Edible gold dust Food dedicated paint brush Lemon Extract Preparing the paint: Pour two teaspoons of lemon extract in a small bowl then add a dash of edible gold dust, and stir. Keep stirring until the dust has completely dissolved into the extract, then paint a test word on a food safe plate to see if it’s the right consistency. Have fun painting your messages! Image: Sugar & Cloth
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Cute idea especially for those that don't like chocolate.
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This is so cute. I want to cover everything in edible gold dust now.
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The lipstick painting really looks realistic!
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I have two weeks to perfect my macaron baking for this diy!
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