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Dramatic candelabras done right! This is how you create a stunning look that is equally stunning as it is masculine. The emphasis for this design is on big impact items: * Rented chandeliers * Draped tricot * Glass candelabras and tapers * Black Ghost chairs The aforementioned does all the work for you. Throw some low table florals like the clustered roses, pictured, and you have an elegant, masculine approach to a beautiful wedding reception. You can totally have an event that is stunning on the eyes and equally budget-friendly. The trick is knowing where to put your money. Is this design expensive? Maybe. Maybe not. Depends on the budget. As long as it's within the 10% window for tablescapes, you should be fine. This one comes in at $4,950, which is $50 under budget. And you get all this!
Budget Bottom-line:

$50 Candelabras (rented)
$15 Candles (per candelabra)
$50 Flowers (table florals)
$10 Candles
$150 Ghost Chairs (rented)
$55 Misc (20% of itemization)
= $330 (per table)
Considering you have 15 tables at $330 each, that's $4,950, which is less than $5000. Remember, your tablescape budget should account for 10 percent of your wedding budget. It's okay to go higher, but you must make adjustments elsewhere.

Last, but not least, my darlings, If you have a design dilemma or need help, feel free to ask. I am glad to help where I can.
What is draped tricot? Is that the chiffon fabric? @NixonWoman
I find the massive chandeliers to be perfect in size and shape. I bet this looks fantastic at night when it's lighted.
I keep coming back to this picture because it's so grand. I think the only thing I would change up is to introduce mood moss to what's already there. Nothing needs to be taken out. What do you think about the addition of green like that @NixonWoman?