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I talk a lot about saving money by going outdoors for your wedding reception. However, in this case, choosing a non-commercial use venue can prove to be a perfect setting to let your tables do all the talking. Just make sure they're really good talkers. (Pours a glass of Riesling...) This boring tablescape is under siege with tulle, roses, chiavari, and all the trappings of a 'romantic peachy-pink' reception. I've seen this a million times. It's dated. It's tired. It's fussy. My God! It's the kind of look everyone puts together because, well, that's what everyone's done before. If my eyes are red, it's not the booze. I'm at a fork in the road over this tablescape. Am I literally or figuratively going to vomit? Tip: Never adjust your catering budget to accommodate something else, like limousine service or entertainment. True, guests will always have something to rant and rave about, but they will never forgive you for a lousy meal. Trust me darlings, I may imbibe in lieu of a meal or two, but crummy food is a deal-breaker.
Who else in the peanut gallery wants to comment on this pretty but boring reception? Maybe offer ideas to modernize it. Spruce it up. Anything. Tell mama Nixon what's on your mind.
Touche my dear @daniaChicago :) I think a good way to update this is to change out the chairs to either a Victoria or even ottomans.
Nothing wrong with being a romantic. Let there be love, money and diamonds. :)
I think it's pretty. Maybe it would be better in person, rather than pictures. I like the wooden block table numbers. That's a cute idea.
@NixonWoman Cant's help it. Even my mom knows I'm a romantic at heart. lol <3