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Coo-Coo For Love Coconut and Raspberry Cake
I feel like I can already taste this cake and it's just a picture! Is it possible to be more in love with a cake like this than a human being? So, I looked for the recipe for this Valentine-inspired dessert and can't find it anywhere. Obviously, it exists somewhere. But where? Here's what we know: * There's spongecake. I can find a decent recipe for that, easy. * There's a raspberry glaze to separate the layers and to glaze the outside. I can either find a recipe for that or make my own raspberry compote. * Then, of course, there's the coconut crumb on the outside (and presumably separating the layers also). I am not an expert baker. Therefore, if there are any bakers, baking enthusiasts, know-it-alls, whatever, then please educate me on how to recreate this raspberry and coconut fantasy that my mouth deserves! Thank you oh so very much!
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I'd love the recipe!
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I actually searched for it and realized that either it's a closely guarded secret or I need to switch to Chrome to find it. lol But I too would love it as well. Maybe @cupcakelady or @danidee have this in a cookbook somewhere?...
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i believe its a just coconut cake with raspberry filling with red buttercream baked in a square pan covered in coconut l.
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@cupcakelady Thanks for sharing!! Haven't crossed paths with you in a while. I still need to try your chocolate dessert that you purport as being better than sex.
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you are very welcome
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