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A lot of you have asked how to use olive oil to make a hair treatment. This video will show the basics of mixing olive oil to your normal conditioner and make it more effective to moisturize dry ends. For ladies that have naturally curly hair this would help keep your curls shiny and healthy. Tip: You can either use it on wet hair or dry hair. However, I love using it on slightly damp hair so the moisture and soak in better. However, it's up to you as you know your hair condition best. Note: Do not use regular cooking oil for your hair. Only use extra virgin olive oil!
how can you do it so it doesn't leave that greasy feel... do you have any leave in creams you recommend so you don't have to use gel....
do I apply it to dry or wet hair
@cheechee I would recommend it, I just did this tonight and didn't shampoo, just rinsed it, And now my hair is really oily. it made it incredibly soft though but oily. so, I would suggest shampooinh it out to help cut through the oil.
Happy to see this used on hair that isnt super straight :)
That's even the conditioner I use! this is perfect! thanks!
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