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A new study published in the Journal of Preventive Medicine states that kids who ride bikes or walk to and from school tend to eat less junk food. The study was conducted at the University of California. Of the 3,316 fourth and fifth graders surveyed, 27% of them actively road or walked to school. Researchers compared the calorie intake of these kids to their classmates who traveled by bus or car The "passive riders" (those in a bus or car) consumed an average of 78 more calories per day in sweets and snack-type food than their active-commuting peers. Just another confirmation of what we all know already, that cycling is healthy for you!
I wish I could have biked to school as a kid. I lived way too far to bike though :\
@AnthonyB My parents wouldn't have trusted me to ride a bike to school back in the day, but I would have loved to!
@BikeSnob HAHA! I can see my parents doing the same, they would hardly let me ride my bike down the street let alone all the way to school