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Sun's going down, there's a gentle breeze in the air. And the wedding reception is aglow from a menagerie of dangling light bulbs. The look: Twilight Fantasy. The feel: Charming. The couple spent their money wisely by opting for simple low-lying flowers on the long rectangular table instead of high-cost grandiose centerpieces. Lighting is perfect as it adds a softness and warmth to the look while taking attention away from what's missing: elaborate florals. Did you notice the chairs are a collection of mix-n-match? I love that look. Very old-world and shabby-chic.
I see that alot of your posts are reception based. Very pretty. They don't seem so commercial. I like that
So I meant to ask a question to @NixonWoman about this. What or how are these bulbs created? Is this something that could be done DIY or is this a professional installation? Love your thoughts and feedback. Thanks! (Also, this is open to other Vinglers to comment on also!!)