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Don't panic! I haven't sworn off blue cakes for my wedding just yet. But both my mom and I are IN LOVE with this cake. By now I'm sure everyone knows that I am in love with my Tiffany Blue themed wedding. So imagine, if you will, this bejeweled white fondant cake with one minor alteration; replace the second-tier amethyst crystals with aquamarine or clear for that matter. Love the details on this cake. Delicate. Just perfect for a wedding! Have you ever seen such a glittery-gorgeous cake? Tell me what cake you're going to have.
That would be so beautiful to look at as you described @noonmarez. Are you getting married or are you already married? My mom is helping me plan my wedding. It's going to be magical.
I can see this under a chandelier in the ballroom with this being 6 or 7 layers tall. 300 guysts looking on. perfect.