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I could just drag my finger across that icing over and over...and over. lol We've all seen rolled fondant and marvel over it's elegance, but this whipped buttercream icing in rich gold is a dessert must. The use of fresh flowers brightens up this sugar feast really well. As a personal taste, I would love to see this icing in white paired with some blue flowers. Maybe on a white glass cake pedestal. Oh, that would look so good.
@Danidee I've never heard of "lustre dust." I'm going to see if that could be done with my icing. My mom said that her friend could bake my wedding cake. I'm so excited.
Cupcakes are a popular option also. @onlydreaming I've been in the wedding and event industry a while, so if you have any questions about anything, please feel free to ask away.
@nixonwoman i might go with cupcakes actually but that all depends on the guest count i think
I could use a slice of cake right about now. The gold on this cake looks divine. What kind of cake are you thinking of @onlydreaming?
idk if i want my wedding cake to be that gold but maybe gold accents would be cute
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