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I could just drag my finger across that icing over and over...and over. lol We've all seen rolled fondant and marvel over it's elegance, but this whipped buttercream icing in rich gold is a dessert must. The use of fresh flowers brightens up this sugar feast really well. As a personal taste, I would love to see this icing in white paired with some blue flowers. Maybe on a white glass cake pedestal. Oh, that would look so good.
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I couldn't find anything like that on their website @danidee. Im gonna have to google it.
@DaniaChicago I found something called Wilton Pearl Dust which seems to be the Michael's equivalent (and isn't pearlescent despite the fact someone decided to call it 'pearl dust').
That's really confusing. What a terrible name for something that isn't true. @danidee
That's how I feel about the name 'Miracle Whip'.
haha I actually like miracle whip. So much better than mayonaise. It's sweeter. hehe