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Hershey's remind me of a sad part of my childhood, but I just want some Cadbury! After a settlement with a company called "Let's Buy British Imports," Hershey's has managed to make it so that chocolates that are or closely resemble their own chocolate made overseas can no longer be imported. Why the settlement? Because those imported goods are infringing on trademark licenses. For example, Hershey's has a license to make Cadbury products in the US and distribute, with a different recipe, but importing the goods infringes on that. Likewise, KitKat's licensed to be sold in Europe being imported to the US for sales infringes on it, too. And there are people upset about them, and I don't blame them at all! I've had Cadbury bars made in the US and in Britain, and they genuinely taste different. The first ingredient in the US bar is sugar; in Britain, milk. Why is there a different recipe? If I want Cadbury chocolate, I want it to taste like Cadbury! It might be a bit childish, but that's just how I feel. Hershey's tried to say customers would be confused or misled if they didn't take action. Really, though, I'm not confused at all that I'm purchasing a Cadbury item, whose Easter commercials use British actors/accents, but the egg is made by Hershey's USA, and is not a British Cadbury recipe. We're not fools! Anyone but me genuinely upset about this chocolate catastrophe?
@drwhat Ahh, i see. That's a bit different, then.
@greggr The US made cadbury eggs aren't changing, but for those that buy non-US made they'll have trouble now.
The news says Cabury isnt changing in the US this morning. Did something change?
All my chocolate is local, but I don't know why Hershey got their knickers in a twist over a few small businesses doing this.
@amog32 I think so, but it seems that american consumerism disagrees...
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