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I sort of have a confession. And I am way more guilty than I realize. This Romona Keveza gown made me stop dead in my tracks. Everything I knew or thought I knew was challenged because of this one dress. Yes, I balled my eyes out and called my mom. Yes, I'm over it, sort of. I was fine again until my boyfriend called me and, tears again. I just love this dress so much, I feel like maybe I should wear it. Went to bed. Woke up. More balling. Any other brides out there have an earth-shattering moment? This was mine. And it's not hard to see why, right? Keveza gowns are the types of gowns you wish you could find in David's Bridal--but can't. These gowns are also VERY expensive. Good luck to all the brides that can and will wear Keveza on their wedding day. So jealous!!
#GAGGING What a #stunning gown. For a wedding or any other mega watt event!
hahaha @marshallEdgar my mom also loves this gown. She said she'd like it better with a shawl or something since the top is so bare.
What a beautiful gown. Im in love with this.
?? Gagging?? @marshalledgar
This is the 2nd Ramona Keveza gown I have seen on here. So so so beautiful. I saw this on the red carpet too but without the gold metal belt. Love it with the belt. Completes it.
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