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after waiting for 4 years ..they finally come up with a season 2..and what do i see..... actually.. i mean.. the first repulsive thing about his drama is the leads' hairstyle..someone would go onto the story later but first will shrink at the sight of those hair do? what were they thinking? then the story..i've watched 6 episodes (i did!!) and i was like ..what are you trying to do again? the story ..may be it's not all bad but the overall package is not at all entertaining!! was i too harsh?? lol... they were trying to replicate legends like Song hye kyo and Rain..atleast put some honest efforts into it!
I like full house 1 story but like full house 2 music actors and songs
ahahahaha..yeah i know...
celine.. lol ..wish they would hear us!!
Yeah..ur right neaa...he lukz sooo gud in my girlfriend is a gumiho n den they hav to make him luk lyk a nut case in full house...i dnt understand why dey made him luk lyk dat i mean..isnt da lead actor is suppose to luk gud...lolz
yourinsomnia ROFL.. no min woo is cute..but they so ruined his look!
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