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Whether you are injured, limited on time, or just can't stand the weather, cutting back your daily calorie burning can take a toll on your mental health as well as your physical health. Here are a few things you can do to prevent weight gain, and stress, outside of your normal exercise: 1. Step on the Scale Stepping on the scale once a week will prevent the pounds from creeping on without you realizing it. 2. Treat Yourself with a Non-Food Reward Even if it's sugar-free, fat-free, or calorie-free, stop rewarding yourself with food. Pat yourself on the back with something that will last and is non-edible. 3. Don't Stop Moving Light activity throughout the day will help clear up stiffness and soreness. Take opportunities to be more active, like climbing the stairs or park farther away so you have to walk. Even just walking around the block will burn more calories than sitting on the couch. 4. Cutback on Calories You are burning fewer calories if you haven't been working out. Before going in for seconds ask yourself "Am I really hungry?" 5. Don't Eat Your Emotions We often eat to relieve boredom, anxiety, stress, sadness, etc. Find a solution that eases your discomfort without having to eat. 6. Downsize Portions and Slow Down There are definitely ways to eat less without feeling deprived. Use smaller plates and your portion size will automatically be smaller. Also, research has shown that when people eat slowly, they actually take in fewer calories. 7. Set a Calorie Goal and Stick to It There are so many resources out there to help you do this. You can guesstimate your calorie needs by searching on the internet or logging in to an app. Once you know your "budget" start writing everything down. If you finish the day with a calorie deficit, congrats! You're one step closer to losing weight. However, if you have lots of calories left over each and every evening then it might be time to add a fruit or veggie into the mix. Depriving yourself of too many calories effect your ability to get vital nutrients.
" Don't Stop Moving, Don't Stop Moving, Don't Stop Moving" My mantra for Winter!
I am horrible at working out during winter so I will be taking all of these to heart this season!
@nokcha I have to tell myself "it's NOT too cold, it's NOT too cold...." Lol
@sophiamor You and me both. Winter is no fun!
@nokcha A little bit of positive self-encouragement is always a good thing!