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Black Gold Bridal Confectionery
White cake Brushed nickel finish icing Two cake pedestals Gold filigree And two old-world silhouette cameos surrounded by a fancy golden oval frame Everything about this is so different. When I say I like it, I have no idea which part; I can't pinpoint what makes this cake so desirable. It's use of both gold and silver metal is done really well. I'd never expect to see them paired in such a lovely way. Any other brides thinking of doing something like this for their wedding? I love to hear what others are doing. It's fun to talk about. lol
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This cake makes me smile because it's evocative of yesteryear with the cameo silhouettes and the unconventional use of two cake pedestals in one cake design. That's so cool!
Im thinking about going to a cake decorating class to learn stuff like this. Very elegant.
My mom and I were going to do cake decorating together but we never got around to do it. Still would be fun.