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Elie Saab Winter 2015 If I can find one thing amiss, it's that off-color belt. It looks cheap and detracts from the dress. However, that aside, this is one killer bridal gown. Elie Saab, and his intricate lace and bead detailing is out of this world. I'd have it lined since the fabric is so sheer. What a great gown. If I was older, maybe had a bit more sophisticated taste, then this would be perfect. No need for a bridal party, she's perfect.
Elie Saab ♥︎♡♥︎♡♥︎
I know! I am in love with this dress. I just wish this would fit my Tiffany Blue themed wedding. Elie Saab is such a great designer. He really knows how to make a woman look and feel elegant. @typeB