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1) Bucket hats were killing it 2) Ponchos that didn't provide any aid were all the rage 3) Chains made every outfit complete 4) Wear a scarf if you didn’t need it to provide you with warmth. At all. 5) Long sleeved tops were a MUST. As long as the sleeves didn't actually cover you. 6) Blue eyeshadow. Couldn't leave your home without it! 7) Belts needed a lot of holes. A LOT. 8) Body glitter, denim, and choker necklaces ran rampant 9) Jeans needed to engulf your legs 10) Couldn't work out without your velour track suits So which one are you "sad" to see gone?
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Those jeans were hilarious. I used to own a bunch of them when I was in middle school. I thought I was so cool!
Can we change #6 to cornrows too?
haha the next century our own sense of fashion will be hilarious too
@uniangel18 this was only 10 years ago XD But yeah I wonder what part of our fashion will be ridiculed