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I haven't gotten these personally, but they looked interesting so I decided to write up a little bit on what people they are and what other people think of them so far. For $20 they are worth considering. Gorilla palms are protective hand straps that offer impact protections. I'm not calling them gloves as they don't have any finger holes (besides the thumb hole). The straps are held on the hand with velcro. The biggest feature of these are the triangular strong flexible polyurethane pad. It has an air pocket that allows it to absorb shock. Traditional pucks deal with impact by sliding, but these are designed to absorb shock. At low speeds for freestyle and dance these are going to be a lot more comfy then slide gloves. You'll get the protection you are looking for but with way more mobility in your hands. Pros: - Light and breathable - Low profile - Allows for good finger mobility - Gives better shock absorption than slide pucks when falling without sliding. - The polyurethane pad is sturdier than it looks Cons: - Having no upper palm protection you do feel more vulnerable as you pick up more speed. - Velcro straps without a loop makes it tricky to close tight one handed - Would have preferred to have more finger holes for the other fingers for less sliding out of place - A bit counter intuitive on how to wear it (Kept wearing left palm on right hand and vice-versa) - Still need to wear warm gloves underneath in cold weather
if you got slide gloves that were too big could you fit those under?
they look like they wouldn't be to bad the fingers are really exposed but I mean if your sliding right shouldn't be to bad I would think
I wouldn't I love my slide gloves I fell going 35 miles an hour and my hands didn't hurt or anything. First time I even used my new gloves