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The rapidly growing, going-to-turn the industry on its head Ello has released music and video embedding into its service. I am normally not very scathing about any product, so long as I believe that product is really introducing some new idea. It doesn't need to be the best idea ever. The product doesn't even need to be ready to actually make good on its promise. It just needs to have an idea. This is where Ello failed my test. Ello's main problem was that they were trying to "redefine" the social media world with no brand new concept. Ello's main concept was that they were basically the Facebook without ads. How is that different? How is that unique? How is that a real idea? No, they are harping on a trendy problem, one that hasn't really affected people, and trying to center their entire product around it. Were they providing a different experience? Were they even trying? Ello rallied those who were annoyed about ads. But as quickly as it rallied those people, it lost them. It never gained any traction because it didn't offer a new perspective. It basically said its main concept was to create the "non-ads Facebook." It will not be the last startup to try this, but it will also not be the last to fail. I just hope that there are "real" entrepreneurs out there who learn from the mistake of "thinking outside the box but right up against the box."
very true.I joined it and left ello for the same reason.its the same extra value.
좋은말 할때 내놓으시지~ 하...항복이욤~