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I've spend most of my days in the dark Thinking negative about my life It is nice that I'm in school and accomplished many things But I'm still not happy, these accomplishments bring contentment in my life, it feels extrinsic more than intrinsic, getting a reward for something I'm suppose to be doing As I dwell in my puddle of emptiness, I saw something beautiful in my sight, A lady with a beautiful smile that had on a great outfit, No skin revealing whatsoever, I stood for a while gazing off in the distance As I was leaving to go to class, I felt a fire ignite within me For the first time in a long time I felt like I needed to approach her She was so attractive but quickly the insecure thoughts formed in my mind Like "She wouldn't like me" or "She thinks I'm a dork" But that one voice in my head said "You'll never live life until you go for what you want" Right there was all I needed to approach this girl I made my way towards her while she was at the stoplight and said "This is some very nice weather we have" And she said "It is. The sunny is a little bright but other than that it is pretty awesome outside" I was shocked to see that she talked back but I played it off smooth And kept talking to her, Surprising she was interested in the conversation we were having But before we departed for out classes, I got her number and she got mine We departed but it wasn't long before I started texting her and asked out on a date, She agreed and we went out to the bowling alley, Sure enough she had a blast And I enjoyed her as well, We went on a few dates and later made it official Now I wake up in the morning, I don't have to fight anymore because she Became my light in the dark
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This is sweet; almost like lyrics. The tale of how two met :) Rather than feeling out-of-this-world romantic, it felt very down-to-earth and real. Probably partially because of the internal questioning aspects (she'll think I'm a dork, etc.)