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Incorporating oil to a beauty routine is not a new concept. If you look back into traditional beauty, oil has been used as makeup removers, moisturizer for hair and skin. In recent years, the oil cleaning method has been marketed to people as an alternative to regular cleansers (that irritates skin). It also claims to help control sebum for individuals who suffers from oily skin. In order to tackle you curiosity here's I've broken down what you need to know about oil cleansing. Q: How do you use oil cleansers? A: Oil cleansers are meant to be used as a pre-cleansing step to prepare your skin for the actual cleansing. At least that's how I perceived it. The cleansing oil does a wonderful job on melting away any makeup completely. Pump a dime size on your palm and massage the oil on your skin to breakdown the layers of makeup (see demo attached). Then follow with your normal cleanser. Q: Should you use oil cleansing as a replacement of your normal cleanser? A: If you have combination/oily skin I would say no. The concept of “like dissolves like” does not apply for oily skin. Plant oils aren’t actually that similar to the oil produced by your skin. Instead, it might leave your skin feeling more oily and encouraged build up. On the other hand, this method might work for people with extremely dry skin. Q: Can you use essential oil for cleansing? A: Yes, this method has been tried and tested. There are many variations, so be sure to know your skin type and mix the oil ratio accordingly. Q: Which oil cleanser do you recommend? I've personally tried several brands from Johnson and Johnson Baby Oil to Shu Uemura's Cleansing Oil. In the past, I've used baby oil to wipe off makeup. For the price, it does the job, but it leaves a slightly oil residue on my skin even after washing, so I wouldn't recommend this if you have combination/oily skin. What I came to like is L'Occitane Shea Cleansing Oil, N'7 Cleansing Oil, and The Body Shop Chamomile Cleansing Oil. They're all budget-friendly but L'Occitane feels a little more luxurious. You really have to test them out because everyone's skin is different! I hope this card was helpful and if you have any questions, thoughts, or requests, please comment below! I'd love to hear you out. :)
I've actually never thought of using a cleansing oil (I actually don't really use face wash)
Previously, I have used neutrogena's grapefruit cleansing cloth to wipe off my makeup before cleansing, but it a bit drying for my skin. However, two Christmas ago, I received shu uemura oil cleanser as a gift and I love it. I can rave about it all day.
During college I also used baby oil to wipe off makeup before cleansing. My roommate who's into beauty and makeup taught me this trick. However, I agree with you. Although it did a great job removing the makeup it leaves my skin feeling a bit oily. Which I've switched to using Shiseido's cleansing oil. It helps removes sunscreen and makeup pretty well without the greasy feeling. :)