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If you're setting up a campsite in an area where you need to set up a perimeter alarm because of high rates of robbery or bear sightings, you can use: - a copper rod - fishing line - washer - simple alarm from dollar tree. to make a perimeter alarm! If you put them together as seen in the video, you can end up with a nice, simple alarm that can be folded up (since you used copper) to carry in your bag. This isn't something everyone will need but if you do for some reason, this is a really easy way to put it together.
Seems like overkill to me? I'm not sure why I'd need this, really, but I guess not everyone is as comfortable as me. Am I too relaxed?
@treedweller @fallingwater Yeah it's not something I think you need often, but there are times when the reassurance will do you good.
This is great, thanks! I dont often hike alone but if I do or just with one other girl I might use this.
Lol I don't think I'd bother to set this up, but this is good for areas where you really have to worry about this all.