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Directed by Stuart Murdoch - Spoilers! - Well, I am still wondering whether I really liked this film or not. The music, yes. The cinematography, yes. But the story? I am not so sure. We are presented with a gorgeous, kooky girl from Australia who we find out had followed a boy in a band to Scotland but when that didn't work out she stopped eating and ended up in a mental health hospital. In order to cope with her illness and get her back on the right track, a nurse suggests she try writing songs. Turns out, she's great (we don't even see her practice, she just naturally creates these catchy pop tunes out of thin air) and she randomly meets a caring, musical boy who helps her get back on her feet. She leaves the hospital, gets an apartment, a waitressing job, two new best friends, a possible boyfriend (turned sleaze-bag), and is doing pretty well for herself. Never do we figure out what her life back in Australia is like or where she has the money to pay for the hospital, her killer wardrobe, her apartment, etc. The characters just never really develop? One best friend is a ditz with rich parents while the other is a sickly boy who just wants to listen to good records all day. The film ends with the boy best friend confessing his love, she says he's too late, and then she gets on a train to go to a music school in London (again how is she paying for this?) I am just not quite sure what the point was. As much as I want to love it, I might just like the soundtrack. It's not a complete waste of your time though. I'd give it 3 out of 5 stars.
Yeah, it was a bit strange seeing her just become this assumed songwriting genius overnight. That part made me pretty cynical too.
I love Emily Browning so I'll give this a shot :)