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You can read the raw here The tennis club is at their training camp. The kouhai kid (forgot his name) suggested they do a test of courage game. Other members hesitated but gave in since the kid was so excited about it. His aim was to show off in front of Yuki and score some points. But he got scared and ran away leaving Yuki alone. Utsumi tried to scare Yuki but ended up getting hurt by her (lol). Utsumi suggested that they go together. As they were walking, Yuki brought up the topic regarding Shou and Utsumi's break-up. She said even though he told her she has nothing to do with their break-up looking at his face she could tell it was not true. She's thankful that he's worried about her but she doesn't feel easy that the two of them who were lovely dovey broke up just like that. Utsumi said that he couldn't keep doing things half-heartedly. He remembered what Yuki told him before about having half-hearted feelings. It wasn't because while going out with Shou he wasn't able to support Yuki emotionally. Either way he felt it was his fault. He might be wrong but it is his decision and he just did what he wanted to do. Yuki started talking about Tohru and how he was bullied as a kid before. Tohru approached her and invited her to hang out and go to places together. She also told Ustumi how they started going out. While listening to Yuki who was talking about Tohru, Utsumi felt happy that she opened up to him and relied on him more. Utsumi decided that he wanted to support her and see her smiling face again. But there was something unexpected about to happen… End of Ch 147 Chapter 148 summary
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thank you! Didn't know ch 147 is already out! the English scan is only up to 146
wow thanks for the summary! i was looking for it everywhere!!