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Honestly, once split ends starts to develop the only option is to chop those ends off. I know how this feel if you have really long hair and you don't want to chop them off. However, you can prevent the ends from further splitting by rescuing it with these methods. Since split end is caused by damaged hair cuticle we should start repairing from there by understanding the condition. The characteristic of a spilt is usually weak and dry due to the cracking and exposing of its inner cortex. [Homemade Remedies] 1. Strengthen your strands with a papaya yogurt hair mask that's rich in amino acid and protein. Recipe: Mashed up 1 papaya and mix it with 1/2 cup plain yogurt. Mix until smooth and apply it all over the hair and cover with a shower cap for 45 mins. Then rinse. 2. Repair hair cuticle and boost moisture with an avocado hair mask. Recipe: Mix 1 avocado, 2 tablespoon egg whites, and 3 tablespoon olive oil together. Apply it all over hair and cover for 1 hour. Then wash hair with a mild shampoo. 3. Strengthen and mend damaged follicles with a beer rinse. Recipe: Pour a cup of beer into a spray bottle and mist evenly over your hair. Leave it on for 30 mins and rinse thoroughly and wash with a mild shampoo. [Prevention] 1. Cut out the chemicals such as hair color, highlights, and straightening and perms. Those chemical treatments may cause further cuticle breakdown. 2. Reduce heating styling. This is usually the main cause of damage strands because heating tools like flat irons can reduce the hair's natural moisture balance leading to dry hair. If you must use it, prime your hair with a thermal protectant and focus on the ends! 3. Before washing your hair run it through a wide tooth comb to detangle your strands. Then use the tooth comb again when you're conditioning your hair. This will prevent snaps and breakage when you dry your hair. 4. Get regular cuts to prevent splits ends from further damage. Experts suggest getting it trim every 6-8 weeks, however, I normally get it trim every 3-4 months.
A beer rinse? That is seriously the most bizarre home remedy I've heard of .
Thanks (: I get it cut at Great Clips and they donate to a place they make the wigs at for the cancer patients. @stargaze
@KDramaKPop1015 it really is nice (:
@JackieBedolla I also donate my hair. I've actually donated my hair three times so far. It's nice knowing that hair can be used instead of thrown away when your getting a hair cut!
It's so hard to reduce heat styling when your hair looks like a rat nest without it :(
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