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Leaf Survival Hack: Medicated Bandages
While Neosporin and real Band-aids are great for fixing up cuts, they're not always available. Or, maybe you're just feeling adventurous. If you're out hiking and you find yourself in need of something you don't have, this might work. Either way, you can give nature's own medicated bandages a try! 1. Find plantains. You probably have some in your yard. They look like image 2. 2. Chew it it up a bit, and spit it back out. 3. Rub onto the injury. 4. Wrap with another plantain leaf. These bandages are great for minor cuts, bee stings, stinging nettle and scrapes, as it has anti inflammatory and anti bacterial traits. It can be used externally for: - Bites - Stings - Rashes - Eczema - Psoriasis - Burns - Cuts - Yeast - Varicose Veins There's also a ton of tea and internal uses, but I dont' really use them, so I don't feel comfortable recommending them!
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I've done this, but I've mashed it up with some soft clays instead of chewing it. But, chewing works in a pinch! It really does relieve things instantly. My grandma used to have a mixture of this and vinegar (I think she let it in there for weeks) that would sooth sunburn or pretty much any skin problem that was causing pain.
@fallingwater Definitely less chemical! @yakwithalan I've heard of the vinegar but never tried it myself. Do you remember any specifics of it the recipe?
this actually works well if done it many times along with many other people I no!