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Daily Dose of Writing
I'm sorry I've missed quite a few days of these! it's been a hectic week and I couldn't get the opportunity to post a prompt. My apologies to anyone who was looking forward to it. I should be back regularly from now on and I hope you continue to write! January 26, 2015 Write the eulogy of an alien who betrayed his race to save mankind. January 22, 2015 Write out the very busy schedule of Henry the Lion, the star of the National Zoo. January 20, 2015 Write a short paragraph on something you'd like to do in the future. Challenge: You are forbidden from using the letter E. January 18, 2014 Write a short, heated debate between the presdiential candidates of 2028 on the nation's hottest topic: Free WiFi for all?
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Hmmmm....I want to see people write a eulogy from both sides: that of the alien race, and that of mankind! I feel like they'd be totally different!!!
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@timeturnerjones Well! That sounds fun.
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@hikaymm Thank you for trying that; I loved it.
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