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Here’s a sexy eye makeup idea. (Personal Favorite!) To achieve this look: Apply shimmery nude eye shadow on the lids and create a soft crease using brown shade. Apply winged eyeliner using gel or liquid liner and ensure to keep it close to the lashline. Line the lower lashline and with the same liner creating a cat eye look. Dust a vibrant eye shadow like violet, blue or green on the lower lashine. ~ Hope you liked it! and dont forget to Cilp! (:
@ShouagieSoung you know those blending wedges also works for blending and they are fairly cheap. :)
I would buy brushes but atm it's just not worth my money. I have too many other things that are more important. maybe I would grab some when tax comes in. thanks maybe I should just keep trying
Oh yeah! I just have them elf brushes which I had for years i do clean them though. it's hard to focus sometimes with the tail part lol
i used to be like you , shouagiesoung , but i started to look at tutorials , and i bought all the brushes for make up and i learned alot! now i know how to do all kinds of makeup (:
I have the perfect eyes for this make up but I have never achieve this look. maybe because I suck at putting make up on and I always go natural
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