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Anyone else experiencing this northeast blizzard? Looks like a cleaning day to me. Will probably be a while until I can skate again. Booooo!
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@SteveLee772 Michigan is ridiculously cold, too!
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@mpoblete shoveling is a no go. An MI does get cold but I can still skate cold. Was out today in 15 degrees with some wind. Just takes some stamina and seafood afterwards.
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I shoveled earlier today, but with the drift it's not worth doing anything right now. Just gonna have to wait until it stops. And yum! Seafood!
3 years ago·Reply
I dont shovel unless I have to my shoulders dont enjoy it. An yeah after my skate today I had Thai, fried fish with squid n veggies.
3 years ago·Reply
Got 10 inches here :/ supposed to snow more too
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