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So ugly photos some how turned out cute but I love my hair in these photos I haven't actually styled my hair since I got extensions.
My natural hair is thin so it worked out perfectly also I never have issue with then falling out unless your really yanking on them.
I bout them at sally brand is called design lengths 18 inch blonde frost. only 140 dollars with my sallys card. when I first got them I thought they were the worst extensions I ever bought because they are very thin and they were so straight and more perfect then my real hair but after a couple weeks they blended in a lot better only issue I have with them that they don't look good curly so I just leave them straight. its just how I had them cut it doesn't look good curly. it's probably better anyway no heat styling to my hair for months and it's gotten so healthy.
Nice. I have to visit Sally soon! I've been dying to try extensions.
Those extension blend really well with your natural hair. Where did you get them?
How long is your natural hair? I can't tell the difference between natural and extensions - good job!
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