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This is umm........ um.... different lol KFC has done it again. They have taken Taco Bell's motto (think outside the bun) and just went crazy with it! They are now introducing the "Double Down Dog," a crossbreed between a hot dog and their now famous, Double Down burger (?). This dish, however, will only be available in the Philippines, and they will only be serving 50 per day. So, I ask you, my fellow Vinglers, what do you think? Is this just evolution or grotesque?
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No...just no....
It depends on how good it tastes.
This may be a stupid question but is this something KFC actually sales lol
One of my friends showed me this and was like "I NEED TO TRY THIS!" It's apparently selling with SOME people!
Maybe it's cause it's almost dinner time or maybe it's cause I'm a fat American or maybe I just watched the 5th element for bajillionth time but.... mmmmm chickan!