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Okay, you missed your brow threading or waxing appointment and your brows are bothering you. Here's what you need to do to clean up and shape your your brows. Handy Tools: Spoolie brush - To brush and tame your brows Small Scissors - To Snip away noticeable out of place hairs. Brow Pencil - To guide and outline your shape. Tweezers - To pluck those stray hairs! There are four points to follow for perfectly shaped brows: 1. The inner edge of your brow should line up with the outside of your nose. 2. The highest point of your arch should be where the diagonal line extending from the outside of your nose to the outside of your pupil would hit. 3. The outer edge of your brow should taper off at the point where your eyebrow and the diagonal line from your nose to the outside corner of your eye would intersect. 4. The bottom of the inner and outer edges of your brow should line up horizontally. Tip: A soft arch will give you a younger appearance while an angle arch will make you look older.
I've learned how to use a credit card and some white eyeliner to shape your brows. I should post a tutorial for it sometime!
I always have a hard time figuring out point #2 ...how high the arch should be.
This is seriously my life struggle, thank you for this card!
I usually get my brows threaded but if I need to fix up some stray hairs I'll follow this guide.