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While there still isn't a pill that will magically make your skin, hair and nails look picture perfect, there are certain supplements that can help boost your beauty routine! Fish Oil for Clearer Skin The omega-3 fatty acids in fish oil supplements are a natural anti-inflammatory—meaning that they can help calm broken out skin. Doctors recommend taking one to two teaspoons of a liquid fish oil supplement, which your stomach absorbs better than pills, in the morning, 10 minutes before eating breakfast. Iron for More Luxurious Locks To keep your hair thick, strong, and healthy, try to eat more iron-rich foods like leafy green vegetables, and consider taking an iron supplement or a multivitamin that contains iron. Biotin for Stronger Nails If your nails are constantly breaking and flaking, considering adding a biotin supplement to your diet. It’ll help you grow healthier nails (and hair), and will keep dry, brittle nails from ruining your next manicure. Lycopene for Sun Protection There are lots of studies on how eating tomatoes can help you fight sunburn and sun damage, but just remember that filling up on lycopene doesn’t mean you can skip slathering on sunscreen! Probiotics for A Healthier Scalp If you suffer from embarrassing, itchy dandruff, you might want to consider taking a probiotic supplement. Some evidence shows that these supplements can help soothe and balance a scaly scalp.
@danidee where were those when I was in middle school with fish breath!?!!!!
@sophiamor I use nature valley brand or Wal-Mart's brand, they're not as bad as most are, no smell or residue
@Lu413 Whoa, what do you take?!
I take four a day...
@madeleine what kind of fish pills you were taking?
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