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If it is true that the eyes are the windows to the soul I do not know if I would ask you to gaze inside Or beg you to turn your eyes For even I am afraid of what lies behind For if you look past the glass a war is held inside A war of angels and demons A war of heart and mind A war of battlefields that are bloodstained A war that lies behind these window panes that hold back my pain The lines are poorly drawn And I know not who prevails in the dawn Who wins at the close is undecided And my whims for an end are noiseless Because in this war I am voiceless To speak up would be pointless It all seems so hopeless In this war I get no say So I wait for the day The day when there's peace When I can release And stop holding on for life and just live it Until that day I do not know if I would ask you to gaze inside or turn your eyes
I look at this poem and think of myself. I've seen this poem about a year ago and its now become my favorite poem. Your work is amazing
Please keep writing. Your story needs to be told.
Good one
Very nice poem