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It only take 5 minutes to transform your hair into a quick date night effortless curls. Grab your favorite 1-inch curling iron and follow the steps to get some sexy curls that'll swoon your date. [STEPS] 1. Gather all hair from the back and create a ponytail at very front of your head. 2. Part your hair; if it is in the middle you would take the ponytail and split it in equal parts, if it is off to the left, the right side would have more hair, etc. 3. With a 1-inch curling iron, wrap the curls away from your face and continue until the entire pony is curled. 4. When curls are cooled, release then from elastic. Shake out locks and spray with a flexible hold hair. spray. Tips: For added volume tease roots and add a waterless hair spray. Allow hairspray to dry before brushing and perfecting the completed look. Now go out and have a blast! Don't forget your red lipstick! ;)
This is actually how I curl my hair!
@kararhory No problem! :)
@Bekka That works too! @Kararhory If you place mousse on your comb and then brush it on your hair, the result will be more natural. :)
would a moose be to heavy?
I would Have to do 4 pieces cus I have a lot of hair lol
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