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Emma Watson Cast as Belle for Live-Action Musical "Beauty and the Beast!"

While it's been speculated on for a few months, the news is finally official: Emma Watson will be playing Belle in the live action musical version of Beauty and the Beast! The script is written by Perks of Being a Wall-Flower director and writer Stephen Chbosky, and the film will be directed by Bill Condon, who worked on Dreamgirls and Chicago. As much as some people hate live action, I am so excited for this! This isn't the only Disney flick coming to live action (Cinderella is set to come out in March, and The Jungle Book is underways, too). From the trailers of Cinderella, it seems to me that they're going to be SO well done! And, even if they're not as great as the original, they'll be fun to watch a few times. Anyways, as you can see from Watson's FB post, she is so psyched to get to be Belle, and I'm psyched to see her as Belle! I can't wait for the first trailer, though I fear that might be a long way out. The film isn't even scheduled to go into production until later this year!!
please dont kill beauty and the beast not everything has to be live action. the original live action was in french and in black and white, even though I love it I cant help but wonder why there hasnt been another.
How cool! She's so talented. I love Emma.
I'm late to this, but super thrilled that Condon is at the helm. Chicago was spectacular. Eager to see what he does with Beauty and the Beast
@SilverLotus I think people were afraid to ruin it. I'm also worried about whether or not it can do well to be honest, but I'm thinking it couldtheoretically be ok!
@danidee Me too!! I'm so excited to see what itll be like
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