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..MC for Golden Disk tomorrow.. Donghae and Eunhyukie will perform there, please support them!!!!.. ________________________________ Do I miss you.. or do I miss that moment.. This is something that makes me think... Probably I miss you in that moment. ________________________________ ..Eunhyuk ah I told you look this way!!!!..kk ________________________________ ..Tada!!! Finally it's here!!! I wrote those words on each one of the cards. Not only gloves, I also did so with the box, and also on the cards.. Should I use this chance to run a business.. ㅋㅋ ________________________________ ..Eunhyuk-ah work harder.. ________________________________ ..Work hard for today too!!.. ________________________________ ..Thanks^^ to donghae and eunhyukkie too!!!I was really lonely and your handsome stage was the best!!!me that was mc-ing was the best too!!!^^ㅋ it was fun..lets unite at Gaon..!!! ________________________________ .. eum~~~~~ well done ~~~^^ㅋㅋ... look at that expression ㅋㅋㅋ ________________________________ Donghae-ya bow more!!! / donghae, you must be patient ________________________________ ..Both of you are falling for Leeteuk..Eun-ppa Dong-ppa.. ________________________________ Translation Credit: